Wetherbees, Inc. designs and develops software and firmware for our own products and also for our clients. We offer complete development services for Linux and Windows applications, as well as firmware development for many embedded systems. We work with most major programming languages, but we are especially found of C and Python. A dash of assembler programming is nice too.

Linux is a great operating system. What's not to like? It's powerful, light weight, flexible, and free. Perhaps the only real criticism is that it has low market penetration for desktop systems, but that is changing with some of the new distributions such as Ubuntu.

Linux is used across a wide spectrum of computers, all the way from hosting the most popular web servers to embedded devices such as smart phones. At Wetherbees Inc. we write Linux applications and Linux system code. One of our specialties is porting applications and drivers to Linux. If your needs are in the Linux world, we can help.

Microsoft Windows is an old friend of ours. We started writing Windows applications with Windows 1.03, and we haven't missed a version since. Love it or hate it, MS Windows is the dominate operating system in the PC world. If you need a Windows application, we can do it for you.

Python is a relatively new programming language. We love Python; there I've said it. Python takes OOPS to a high and logical level. It is efficient to write, reasonably fast, and portable across multiple operating systems. What's more is that Python is easy to extend. Not fast enough for you? Add a C module to do the speed work. Need special support? Import a library. Python is a great programming language. At Wetherbees Inc. we love Python. Give us a chance to share the love.

Firmware development is a real specialty. You have to know how to program with limited resources, but you also have to understand the hardware. It's not a good field for your average self-taught computer hacker. Our firmware people are electrical engineers who fully understand the ins and outs of embedded hardware.

Wetherbees Inc. works with a variety of embedded systems, all the way from 8 bit systems with no OS, to quasi-realtime systems running on embedded Linux. We have experience with a number of communication systems, including USB and embedded Ethernet. Our embedded systems are typically programmed with a combination of assembler and C.

Many of today's applications are data driven. With the advent of free database servers, such as MySQL, database programming has become progressively more common and pervasive. Many of our applications run with SQL, including both desktop and web based applications. We have experience with both the application and server side of SQL. Let us see if we can help you with your database needs.

It's hard to avoid the Web today, although why would you really want to anyway? We certainly wouldn't. We write Web enabled applications, create websites, write server code, and even make mini-webservers. One of our applications even runs a mini-webserver on a $5 microcontroller chip. Embedded webservers have become a popular way of configuring and controlling web enabled devices, such as printers, routers, and network appliances. Contact us with your web needs.